What do we do…

Drawing on 20 years industry experience we offer imperial and informative consultancy products to companies and organisations throughout the South East and London. Our aim is to deliver services to save time and money allowing companies to free up valuable direct employees working hours. Our services are conducted in a fully professional manor with confidentially agreements in place to ensure client satisfaction. All our services can be quoted on fixed price, hourly rate or on a retention agreement.

Our Services

  • Project Management
  • Material Sourcing
  • Site Assessment
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Contractor Sourcing
  • Freelance Contract Management
  • Drawing Take Offs/Project Planning
  • Valuations/ Site Measurements
  • Product Endorsement
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Meditation

Our Clients

  • Landscape Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Developers
  • Main Contractors
  • Architects & Planning Agents
  • Homeowners